Guardian of Time – Vol. 2 of The Shardwell Series – A. Gerry and C. Hall

Guardian of Time

My Review – I was given the first book, Phoenix Angel, to review and I loved it. I was so
excited to be given the second book, The Guardian, for my review as well – which I loved even more than the first one! When does that ever happen?

In Phoenix Angel, we learn that our main characters aren’t who we think they are… twice. In the Guardian, we meet Maggie and Lily again, but this time as Princess Margariete and Esilwen in a different realm, or shard. We learn the backstory of these two characters and the roll they play in the good vs. evil battle that they’re thrust into in the first book. The Guardian really explained a lot of the things that Phoenix Angel more or less just touched on and several
times I had a little “aha moment”. This book kept me on a constant cliffhanger with sometimes jaw dropping twists. The battles, the creatures, the magic, the mystery, the love and the heartbreak, the sacrifices and revelations…. it just kept going and kept getting better. I don’t want to write too much because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone!

I’m a big fan of fantasy books and Gerry and Hall do an amazing job of painting the image of this other shard and the lands within it. I was very impressed. I’m really looking forward to the
third book and hoping they whisk us away to another shard again.

Review by Crystal

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