Ask the Passengers – A. S. King

My Review – I feel like our country is at a great turning point in human rights, with more and more states getting on board and granting same sex marriage rights. This is wonderful for our gay friends and family members, but it can also add additional pressures for gay teenagers to “come out” sooner than they feel ready to. A.S. King takes you into the mind of a teenage girl who is struggling with holding her secret and her best friend’s in a small Pennsylvania town, where breaking the mold is among the worst of sins.  Soon Astrid finds that she cannot keep her worlds from colliding, and she grapples with keeping her feelings hidden while she tries to figure them out herself.  She confesses her thoughts and sends love (and sometimes a philosophical question or two) to the passengers in the airplanes that fly over her picnic table as she lays on it in her backyard, changing the course of a life or two in the process. A beautiful story of family and friendship, the pressures of being gay in a society that does not yet wholly embrace it, and the amazing power of love. Such a great account of the internal battles that a gay teen deals with day to day.


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