Halflings – Heather Burch

My Review – While I love a good vampire read, the theme is starting to get a little
redundant, so I was very excited when Brooke (thecovercontessa.com) handed me a
copy of Halflings and asked for my unbiased review.

Half angels, a battle
between Heaven and Hell, and invisible realms? Sounds awesome – and it is! I
loved the book (and immediately devoured the 2nd book – Guardian). Action packed
right from the beginning, a love triangle that will bring you to tears, first
kisses to make you melt, and some good ol’ good vs. evil… It’s a hard to put

So here it is: Nikki Youngblood is not your typical 17 year-old.
She’s a motorcycle riding, martial arts competing, daughter of antique weapons
dealers. She can hold her own. Unless of course hellhounds are chasing her
through the woods. In that event, a trio of super hot half-angel boys are just
what a girl needs. Something big is happening, something that she can’t explain,
and she doesn’t know what she has to do with any of it, yet she seems to be
right in the middle of it. Soon it seems that evil is chasing her and Mace,
Raven, and Vine are always there in her hour of need.

She finds love and
safety in Mace’s arms, who risks being sentenced to eternal hell for loving a
mortal. Knowing this, Nikki tries to distance herself from Mace. Raven takes the
opportunity to appeal to Nikki’s darker, more adventurous side. WIth Raven she
feels free and somehow more in control of what’s happening around her. Nikki
finds herself in love with two very different half angles, both of who will
literally burn in hell for being with her. In an effort to save them, Nikki
turns to the only other place she can go – her mysterious godfather, Damon

Damon offers Nikki an escape from the events unfolding around
her, but clearly her halflings do not trust him. There’s something not quite
right about him and the way he looks at Nikki. WiIl and the halflings try to
convince Nikki to leave Damon’s home and to stay with them. Both claim that only
they can protect her from the evil that is after her. Nikki finds that she has
to make a very important decision: Go back to Will and the halflings, fight
whatever is after her, and risk Mace and Raven’s souls, or stay with Damon, who
offers her a safe place to hide, but who she doesn’t trust?


Review by Crystal

Also posted at TheCoverContessa.com, goodreads.com, and amazon.com


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